Is there any treatment for pearly penile papules?

So…you have pearly penile papules?

Don’t worry, because there is a treatment for pearly penile papules and it doesn’t involve any expensive surgeries that have major risks.

I’ve had them too and I know where you are coming from and you probably know that they aren’t dangerous! The problem is that you feel uncomfortable with them…you feel like you are having a disease and those papules don’t look good for a hot women who’s ready to do some oral on you. The first thing a woman says when she sees those spots is that you are probably suffering from a disease and there are chances that she won’t sleep with you…or even if she will do it she will still think about them but she’s to embarassed to tell you about this issue.

So…what is the best treatment for pearly penile papules?

The one that we don’t recommend is the surgery. There’s a new type of surgery using a laser that can be used to remove those ugly pearly papules from you manhood! The laser will remove the problem but there are 4 things that you need to consider:

1. The risks that you expose your penis to. Any doctor with some experience knows that laser can do good but it can also do bad.

2. The costs. As you may know… surgical interventions aren’t so cheap and it might cost you up to $2,000.

3. The surgery will leave scars because of the laser usage. Imagine having some ugly dots on your penis just because you didn’t think enough when taking the decision!

4. After the surgery you can’t have sexual intercourse (masturbation included) as long as the doctor says. And this restriction can be carried up for 1-2 months and if you were used with lots of action then this thing will affect you.

The 2nd method of treating pearly penile papules is to use a method that you can use in the comfort of your home without exposing yourself or your penis to any unnecessary risks. You can read more here.

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