Pearly penile papules removal cost – Which treatment is better

So what are the real pearly penile papules removal costs? Did you know that 10% of the men have them? Well…you just found out.

The problem with penile papules is the look that they give to your penis because from a medical point of view they aren’t infectious or transmitable. So they look bad and give an unhealthy look which most of the women don’t like to see at a clean, tidy man.

As we discussed in previous posts there are several methods to treat and remove pearly penile papules, some even at home…with natural remedies. So let’s get into it:

1. The most discussed treatment is the medical surgery way because it’s seen as the fastest way to remove the ppp. The cost of such intervention is between $ 800-1500 (quoted from multiple medical sources).

But here’s what nobody else is telling you:

You will have to stop any sexual activity for a few weeks, after you attend the surgery.

Some scars might remain after the surgery due to the laser used on your penis.

It’s freaky. Many people, including you, might have the fear of getting a surgery. But KEEP IN MIND… that you are getting a surgery on your PENIS!

So surgery isn’t just expensive but’s also risky in many ways.

2. The castor or tree tea oil cost no more than a few bucks. The con of using these 2 methods is that it takes some time until you see some results but they  ACTUALLY work and they are used by many people!

But…what if you could remove those ugly lumps with a natural remedy known by just a few people, which does his job faster than anything else? Find out how you can treat your pearly penile papules in 3 days.

Which one do you chose? Do you want a risky surgery or you are interested in the natural treatments?

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