Pearly penile papules symptoms

If you want to know the most common pearly penile papules symptoms (or Hirsuties coronae glandis) then you’ve reached the website that will teach you have to spot if you have pearly penile papules and also how they affect you and your sexual life.

Before creating a checklist with the pearly penile papules symptoms you should first be aware of the fact that around these papules can be found on 10% of the people with ages between 20-35 years old and around 25% of the older men.

The most common problem of the patients to go to a doctor with this problem is that they think it’s sexually transmitable which is NOT! . But that shouldn’t change the fact that you need to treat them but that subject was covered in another discussion.

So…you aren’t sure that you have pearly penile papules?

It’s pretty easy to spot these lumps that are located at the base of your penis head. They are small white bumps that spreaded on all the circumference of your penis head.

They are very sensitive and depending on the humidity of the place you are now they can be larger or smaller.

As time passes these bumps grow bigger and spread more if they are not treated so this thing should worry you if you don’t want to have a penis with a not very attractive look from a woman point of view.

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