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Pearly Penile Papules – Helpful Facts and Information!

pppfaqPearly penile papules are surprisingly common amongst the adult male population yet, perhaps due to their slightly embarrassing nature, many people do not know very much about them. As such, many myths and misconceptions surrounding this condition have arisen which need to be dispelled. To help give you the information you need to know on this matter we have helpfully put together the key facts and information about this common anatomical variation seen on the male penis as well as answering some frequently asked questions and letting you know what treatments and solutions are available.

1. Can Women Get Them From Guys?

The answer to this common question is “no”. PPP is not a virus or an infection that can passed from one person to another through sexual activity. Due to the fact that many viruses and infections passed through sexual contact have lumps, warts, outward signs, etc; it is understandable why some may have this worry. However, when you understand that they have absolutely nothing to do with a virus and are instead merely a common thing found in about 25% of males, then you realize there is nothing to be worried about.

2. How Do I Explain Penile Papules To A Woman?

First of all, if she asks, make sure you are upfront about them. Let her know there is nothing to worry about in having them. If she still isn’t sure then show her a medical site which explains that they are merely an aesthetic difference. Considering roughly a quarter of men have PPP it is likely she may have seen them before and be easily reassured.

3. Can Fordyce’s Spots And Pearly Penile Papules Spread On The Penis?

First, just to be clear again: both conditions are completely harmless. That being said, both can spread although in the case of pearly penile papules they nearly always stay directly under the penis glans.

4. Can You Still Have Sex?

Absolutely! There is not a single reason why pearly penile papules should stop you having sex.

5. How Does Sex Feel With These?

Sex still feels absolutely amazing whether you have pearly penile papules or not. The only slight change you may notice is a slightly unpleasant sensation which you will usually be too caught up in the moment to feel.

6. I Have This Condition And It Bothers, What Should I Do?

Even though it is harmless it is perfectly understandable why someone would seek to get rid of this condition. The good news is there is an thoroughly tested and highly effective home remedy which works very well.

7. What’s The Medical Term For Pearly Penile Papules?

The exact medical term for this condition is hirsuties coronae glandis.

8. Is There A Way To Permanently Remove Penile Papules?

The answer to this is “yes”. Surgery by a dermatologist can be performed and the procedure can be completed in a single session. Alternatively, electrosurgery can be used. An increasingly popular method for removing PPP is by using a home remedy. This has several advantages in that it is cheaper, can be done completely privately without anyone Else’s involvement and corrects the mechanism causing the pearly penile papules to appear rather than merely removing them once they are there.

Pearly Penile Papules- Natural ways of removal

Pearly penile papules are little bumps that occur on the penis head. They are mostly fleshed colored and sometimes can be lighter. Pearly penile papules are formed in organized rows, similar to strings of pearl. Pearly penile papules are often found in young men, this condition is not harmful. Pearly penile papules only cause an uncomfortable feeling during sexual activities. Even though pearly penile papules are harmless, they are annoying, disgusting and embarrassing.  Therefore, in this article we discuss how to remove pearly penile papules.


In this article, we focus on the home remedies, which can help improve this condition. Research has proven that the use of castor oil can help remove pearly penile papules. Castor oil needs to be applied on some cotton, which then needs to be put on the pearly penile papules. For this treatment to be effective, you need to apply this castor oil at least 4-5 times a day. It is advised that once you have applied castor oil you should leave the penis bare, so that the oil stays on for a longer period.


You can also apply alpha hydroxyl acid; this is a type of slid cream.  Like other medications, this also has to be applied directly on the pearly penile papules. This home remedy shows its results after 2-3 weeks of constant application. The hydroxyl acid has the ability to dry the skin, once the skin is dried it easily peels off and the pearly penile papules are no longer visible. It is advised that when you are using hydroxyl acid, you should make sure that you only put it on those areas where you have pearly penile papules. If you apply it on clear skin, your skin can become very dry.


Lastly, you can use tree tea oil. Tree tea oil is effective online casino for many such conditions; therefore, it is very easily available.  Tree tae oil needs to be applied sparely onto cotton and then dabbed on. For the treatment to be effective, you have to ensure that you apply it at least 3-4 times a day. Tree tea oil shows results later than the above two treatment options; therefore, you will have to be patient. Tree tea oil is most commonly suggested because it has no harmful effects, even if it is applied to the wrong area.


It is suggested that you opt for the above ways and do not pick or try to pop them. By picking or popping them, you can cause hurt yourself seriously. You can even see an expert if your situation is not improving with the above ways, however it is worth mentioning that all the ways discussed above have been tried and are effective. Research proves that home remedies are more effective than other medical treatments. The above home treatment options are easy, inexpensive and safe to do for everyone. It is important to remember that you should only opt for one home remedy at a time.

Before and After penile papules pictures by using the guide that I recommend

pearly penile papules removal

The picture that you see above was taken 2 months ago, before I started using this guide that I’ve found on the internet.

You see… I had penile papules on my penis for over 4-5 years and after something happened to me, you can read the story on this website I decided to search for a cure. I looked online at all the possible treatments for penile papules and the one that seemed the most convincing was too expensive (over $800) and too risky. I am talking about having a medical intervention with some kind of laser.

So…I continued my searching until I came across a website called PearlyPapulesRemoval which showed me that I can remove those bumps without going to any doctor. I tried it and ….the results can be seen in the picture above.

What you need to be aware of: Now… I don’t know if it will work for you too but the guide comes with a moneyback guarantee, so that’s a good thing, right?

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Co2 Laser Treatment Pearly Penile Papules- is it the best option?

Pearly penile papules are harmless but very embarrassing to have. Pearly penile papules are little bumps that form on the penis head. Medically they are not dangerous and nor are they painful, but they are unpleasant to look at. The pearly penile papules may only make you feel slightly uncomfortable during any kind of sexual activity.  However, because many people are disgusted by pearly penile papules there are many ways to treat it. In this article, we focus on Co2 laser treatment for pearly penile papules.


So how does the Co2 laser treatment for penile papules work?  In this treatment, the expert uses a laser, which is directly pointed over the affected area. The purpose of the laser is to dissolve the bumps. This treatment like many others is performed under local numbness. Therefore, during the treatment you will not feel any type of pain. However, once the procedure has been done you will have to refrain from any kind of sexual activity. People who have gone through this treatment have recovered within 7-10 days of the treatment. However, the recovery period is very much dependant on how your body reacts towards the treatment. Right after the treatment, it is very normal to see some scrabbling swelling, but after a few days you will see it subside.


The Co2 laser treatment pearly penile papules show results a lot quicker than other treatments, hence its popularity.  From the above, it seems as if the treatment is flawless, however that is not true. The Co2 laser treatment pearly penile papule has many issues as well.   The local numbness that is given for this procedure does not suit many people and thus has a negative reaction on their body. Therefore, before this treatment is done, experts run various tests to ensure that the patient does not react negatively to the body. Because of such tests, the procedure duration is further extended.


Moreover, Co2 laser treatment pearly penile papule is also very costly. Not everyone can afford this procedure, as the treatment has many various costs. Lastly, this treatment option does not suit everyone. If your body does not respond d to the treatment, other medical issues can arise. Because of such complications, many people simply opt for home treatments. This treatment is an expensive and time-consuming option, while all home treatments are the easiest and cheapest to carry out.


The home treatments for pearly penile papules are also safe, therefore you do not have to get various tests or worry about the treatment having an adverse effect on your body. Even when you go to experts with this condition, they will advise you to try some home remedies. In case, they do not work they will suggest Co2 laser treatment pearly penile papules. It is true, that home remedies take a longer time to show results, but they do not cause any pain or discomfort before or after. Therefore, Co2 laser treatment pearly penile papules should be your last treatment option.

If you are scared about having a laser around your penis then check this guide! It will show you exactly how could you remove your penile papules with an 100% natural secret tested method. Get the guide here.


Various treatment options for pearly penile papules – pearly penile papules removal cream

Pearly penile papules are little white bumps that form around the head of the penis. They are very tiny; therefore, they can be easily missed; however, they can easily be spotted through touching. Even thought medically speaking there is no dangerous affect of this condition on men; however, it is considered disgusting by many people. Hence, the existence of many treatment options for pearly penile papules. In this article, we explore the treatment options that are mostly opted for.


When it comes to treating pearly penile papules, several home remedies are opted for. Commonly, people will use castor oil or tree tea oil. Castor oil and tree tea oil have the same application method. You need to drench the cotton with castor oil or tree tea oil, whichever one you choose. Once you have applied the castor oil and tree tea oil, you are supposed to leave the penis bear for maximum impact. While you are treating this condition, it is suggested that you do not engage in any sort of sexual activity. Another type of homemade remedy for pearly penile papules is using toothpaste.


Research shows that consistent use of tooth can also be helpful. For this treatment, you need to make a cream out of the toothpaste by mixing. Once you have the pearly penile papules removal cream, simply apply it all over the affected area. It is advised that you leave the home made pearly penile papules removal cream on for at least 20 minutes and then wash it. For any of the home remedies to be effective, you will have to consistently apply them at least 3 times a day for some months. With the passage of time, you will surly notice a change.


Apart from the home made pearly penile papules removal cream, in stores you come across various pearly penile papules removal creams made for this condition. The pearly penile papules removal creams that you find in the stores are medicated and especially made to eliminate the bumps. These creams are pain free and easy to apply. Such a pearly penile papules removal cream also shows results within a few weeks. Lastly, there is laser treatment for this condition. In the laser treatment, the expert will direct the laser on the affected areas, while you are numbed.  This treatment option shows visible results after a week, hence, the popularity of this treatment.


Mostly people opt for the pearly penile papules removal cream or for other home remedies because they are considered safe and inexpensive. These treatment options require the least amount of effort. They can be done easily at home, at your own convince.  Moreover, you do not need o go through any tests before you can start these treatments. These treatment options are slow, but they are very effective. They also have n side effects and nor are they painful to carry out. Therefore, if you suffer from pearly penile papules you should opt for home remedies and pearly penile papules removal cream first.

If you want to remove your pearly penile papules in less than 7 days, guaranteed, check this guide. It will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to get rid of your embarrassing problem.

2 Home Remedies For Removing Pearly Penile Papules

Cure your pearly penile papules in 3 days with this step by step guide.

Pearly penile papules – Do they get worse? The naked truth

If you are interested in reading this article then I think you don’t really care about having pearly penile papules and you probably never had an experience where a women ask you about them while you are having sex (which is not a comfy question).

But…let’s get to the subject of this article: Do pearly penile papules get worse or not?

I am sure that the answer will put your mind into thinking. Yes! They get worse and by worse I mean bigger bumps spreaded on a wider area.

You see…those bumps, called penile papules are clogged pores that don’t let your body eliminate sweat and if you don’t treat them and find a way to open those pores they will only get bigger and bigger. And a penis head with hundreds of big clogged bumps isn’t something that you would like to have in your pants.

Maybe pearly penile papules aren’t transmitable but as you probably noticed people put more accent on the look of something. And let me ask you something else:

Would you want to have sex with a women that has some ugly big bumps around her vagina?

Yeah…you could straight that situation if you ask a lot of questions but that will change your relations for sure, especially if the relationship is just starting!

You can check my best recommendation for a pearly penile papules natural treatment on this website. The results might take longer than 3 days but still… in less than a week you could have your penis clean of ppp and enjoy any sexual activities.

Fordyce spots or pearly penile papules

Many of you don’t know what you have on your penis: Fordyce spots or pearly penile papules? Many say that the fordyce spots are the pearly penile papules. Well…they aren’t!

So let’s get something cleared out.

fordyce spots or pppThe fordyce spots are the bumps, pimple like spots on your shaft! It’s not recommended to squeeze them but if you already done that then you have probably seen that the fordyce spots have a white substance inside them.

You can see the fordyce spots in the left picture.

The pearly penile papules are located on your penis tip mainly around the base of the tip. They appear to many people and some of them even say that sometimes they get an itchy feeling around that area. 

pearly penile papules image

The pearly penile papules aren’t transmitable and the main reason why you should be concered about them is the cosmetic part because in time, if you don’t treat them, they will spread. And you can be sure that women don’t like seeing small bumps on your penis.

Would you be interested in a natural way to remove the pearly penile papules in less than 3 days?

More information on pearly penile papules removal costs

Pearly penile papules is a skin condition that is normal but it is definitely feels awkward and may cause some depressing effects. A man who has pearly penile papules may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. An individual who has pearly penile papules may choose between home treatment and medical surgeries. Home treatments are definitely cheaper because most of the remedies can be found in one’s home and refrigerator.

Home treatments are also more convenient because it can be done at home but it does not guarantee that it will work for everybody as men may have different skin types and conditions. Medical treatments and surgeries may e expensive but it is guaranteed to work for almost every skin type.

Radiosurgergery is used to get rid of benign skin cuts, laceration and wounds. Moles, warts, skin tags, molluscum cantagiosum and sebaceous hyperplasia are some of the skin disorders that can be cured by undergoing the radiosurgery treatment.  Pearly penile papules removal cost is $800 to $1500 and depends on the patient’s case.

The dermatologist will provide the Pearly penile papules removal cost on the initial consultation. The recovery period after a treatment is between 7 to 10 days but an individual who underwent the treatment does not need to take bed rest as he may even go back to school or work the next day after the pearly penile papules treatment.

Most pearly penile papules treatments are very safe and effective however, such treatments are not recommended for everybody. People who have diabetes, history of keloids and hyperthropic scarring are not allowed to undergo the pearly penile papules radiosurgery treatment. Most cases of pearly penile papules treatment need one treatment but severe cases may need two to three treatments. Carbon dioxide pearly penile papules removal cost is $1000 to $1500.

Another treatment for pearly penile papules is the excisional surgery where the tissues and papules are removed. This type of PPP treatment may scar the penis. The pearly penile papules removal cost for excisional surgery is $500 to $1000. Another popular treatment is the electrodsiccation with curettage which uses electrical current to dehydrate the papules. An equipment called curette is used to remove the pearly penile papules. An individual who is interested with this procedure must prepare a removal cost of $700 to $1500 and must find an excellent doctor to avoid loss of elasticity and scars.

An individual who is interested with the different treatments for pearly penile papules may visit different websites to find out if he would prefer home treatment over medical surgeries. Some websites suggest trying home remedies before going to skin doctors because there’s no harm trying natural ingredients.

Pearly penile papules removal cost for home remedies may be as low as $50 because most of the home remedies are food and juices that are usually purchased for the everyday needs. Some men who had pearly penile papules recommend getting professional medications because treatments and surgeries may be expensive but they are more effective and safer too.

If you decided that you want to remove you pearly penile papules with a natural remedy then check out this website which will help you in removing them in less than a week.

PPP Home Removal – what else should you know?

Having pearly penile papules does not mean it’s the end of the world. But it‘s definitely not something that should be taken lightly. Pearly penile papules are not contagious and infectious but having them is awful. It may take away one’s self confidence and self esteem. Having the tiny bumps also puts an individual’s sex life at risk.

There are many websites where different suggestions and tips are posted. Men with pearly penile papules also share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. There are also websites were men with pearly penile papules share the pearly penile papules home removal tips that they have tried and those that they felt were effective.

Pearly penile papules are tiny white domes that appear in the penis gland area. Pearly penile papules don’t look good but they are not harmful or contagious. This type of skin condition is also not communicable or transmittable. Unlike genital warts or sebaceous prominence, the pearly penile papules are not sexually transmitted nor are caused by bad hygiene.

So far, there is no medical explanation of why and how pearly penile papules grow on one’s penis but studies and surveys show that pearly penile papules are more common among uncircumcised men and those who are between 15 to 50.

Some men choose the natural way to remove PPP or pearly penile papules while some men choose the medical surgeries and treatments. There’s a treatment called hyfrecator which is also used for other skin conditions such as pimples, acne and warts. The procedure may be done in one session or two sessions depending on the number of bumps in the crown of the penis.

Another medical procedure is by undergoing CO2 laser treatment which may also remove all the pearly penile papules in one session depending on the patient’s case. The procedure is also proven effective because it has vaporized almost all the papules in the penis of most men who have had PPP.

Although pearly penile papules are normal and non infectious, they look awful and 99% of men who have them want to get rid of them. Unfortunately there are no surgeries or over the counter and prescriptive drugs that are proven to cure pearly penile papules but there are tips on pearly penile papules home removal that are safe and natural. Some of the pearly penile papules home removal are applying toothpaste, tea tree oil and mud mask.

Taking vitamins A and E and lemon juice are also common home treatment. Herbal teas, Aloe Vera, honey and salt are some of the natural and herbal home treatment.

Massaging the penis with Castor oil is another great pearly penile papules home removal treatment that has worked for quite a number of men who had the pearly penile papules. There are many companies that offer pearly penile papules home removal treatment which can be done at home.

Some companies offer exercises while other offer creams and lotions that need to be applied to the affected area. Many customers prefer these as they are less expensive and have no side effects.

Do you want a fast home removal method? You can check the article on this website and decided if you are interested in a 3 day cure.

Tips on how to remove pearly penile papules

Pearly penile papules are small and pimple like tissue that grows on the crown of the penis. Many men are affected of this skin condition which is normal. Pearly penile papules are neither contagious nor infectious but having them makes a man feel awful and may even make him scared of having sexual intercourse. Pearly penile papules are not painful but having them may hurt emotionally and may even leaves scars and wounds that will emotionally haunt him.


There are many ways to get rid of pearly penile papules. Different websites have posts regarding how to remove pearly penile papules and other helpful tips. These websites may even have posts from other men who had pearly penile papules. Some men would like to help other men who have pearly penile papules by posting their experiences and how they recovered from embarrassment and emotional pain due to having the PPP or pearly penile papules.  Some men even posted steps on how to remove pearly penile papules while some men posted articles and blogs about pearly penile papules and how to deal with it emotionally and some articles are about how to remove pearly penile papules.


There are some companies that offer creams and lotions to men who have pearly penile papules and the products they sell come with instructions on how to remove pearly penile papules. Some men prefer to use the products sold online because they are embarrassed to consult a doctor. Some men prefer to do online casino home treatments using natural herbs, tea tree oil, castor oil, lemon juice, tooth paste, Aloe Vera, honey, herbal tea and other natural ingredients. Some articles posted on the website were even how to remove pearly penile papules by using different kinds of vitamins such as Vitamin E and D. Men who are afraid of needles, surgeries and hospital treatments prefer to use home remedies which they can perform without anybody knowing about it and it even costs a lot less than hospital treatments and surgeries because the materials needed are usually available at home or at a nearby grocery store.


Some men prefer to undergo laser treatments and other surgeries that guarantee 100% pearly penile papules removal without scars and pain. Laser surgeries and hospital treatments may be effective but not everybody can afford them because the treatment or surgery costs $500 to $1000 per session. Some cases just need one session while other extreme cases need two to three sessions depending on how many pearly penile papules need to be removed. Some experts advise that one may try home remedies which are safe and do not involve scraping off, burning or freezing of pearly penile papules as home remedies are safe and may be effective depending on an individual’s DNA, tissues and muscles. Some hospital treatments and surgeries are also not safe for everybody as people with diabetes, heart ailments, high blood pressure, keloid former and those with allergic reaction to medicine are not allowed to undergo laser treatments and surgeries to remove pearly penile papules.

Interested in a 3 day home remedy? Check this website.

Pearly penile papules symptoms

If you want to know the most common pearly penile papules symptoms (or Hirsuties coronae glandis) then you’ve reached the website that will teach you have to spot if you have pearly penile papules and also how they affect you and your sexual life.

Before creating a checklist with the pearly penile papules symptoms you should first be aware of the fact that around these papules can be found on 10% of the people with ages between 20-35 years old and around 25% of the older men.

The most common problem of the patients to go to a doctor with this problem is that they think it’s sexually transmitable which is NOT! . But that shouldn’t change the fact that you need to treat them but that subject was covered in another discussion.

So…you aren’t sure that you have pearly penile papules?

It’s pretty easy to spot these lumps that are located at the base of your penis head. They are small white bumps that spreaded on all the circumference of your penis head.

They are very sensitive and depending on the humidity of the place you are now they can be larger or smaller.

As time passes these bumps grow bigger and spread more if they are not treated so this thing should worry you if you don’t want to have a penis with a not very attractive look from a woman point of view.

If you want a natural remedy guaranteed to remove your ppp in less than 3 days then visit this website. The method described can be used at home without no risks and over 90% of the people who used it said that it worked!

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Pearly Penile Papules Removal

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