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Pearly penile papules – Do they get worse? The naked truth

If you are interested in reading this article then I think you don’t really care about having pearly penile papules and you probably never had an experience where a women ask you about them while you are having sex (which is not a comfy question).

But…let’s get to the subject of this article: Do pearly penile papules get worse or not?

I am sure that the answer will put your mind into thinking. Yes! They get worse and by worse I mean bigger bumps spreaded on a wider area.

You see…those bumps, called penile papules are clogged pores that don’t let your body eliminate sweat and if you don’t treat them and find a way to open those pores they will only get bigger and bigger. And a penis head with hundreds of big clogged bumps isn’t something that you would like to have in your pants.

Maybe pearly penile papules aren’t transmitable but as you probably noticed people put more accent on the look of something. And let me ask you something else:

Would you want to have sex with a women that has some ugly big bumps around her vagina?

Yeah…you could straight that situation if you ask a lot of questions but that will change your relations for sure, especially if the relationship is just starting!

You can check my best recommendation for a pearly penile papules natural treatment on this website. The results might take longer than 3 days but still… in less than a week you could have your penis clean of ppp and enjoy any sexual activities.

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