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What women think about pearly penile papules?

Even though I don’t talk much about my story because I am still embarrassed of the fact that I had ppp I know what happened to me, a 24 years old guy now with a normal sex life.

Maybe you can understand why I, the author of these articles, prefer to keep my real identity hidden. I just don’t want to have friends or girlfriends scooping around and find out what a big problem I had and how bad I felt about having pearly penile papules.

I could use a fake picture and a fake name but I always thought that people feel if you lie to them. Hopefully…you can understand me because I really invest time and money into this ppp blog which is created with the purpose of helping people who were just like me.

So in the next few lines I will tell you what happened when one of my ex-girlfriends was giving me a blowjob. Her real name started with G. but I won’t disclose her full name. I repeat: the experience it’s 100% true and it happened around 2 and a half years ago.

how women see pearly penile papules

So what exactly happened?

G was my first long-term girlfriend but I didn’t know that at the time when the following experience took place.

You see… after some foreplay she got down on her knees and started giving me a bj. While she was doing that she stopped for a few seconds and she was looking at my penis. It made me curious and even though I had a hint why she stopped so I asked her: “Is there something wrong?” .

Her answer pointed the bumps on my penis head: “What are these?”. I knew what were them but I said that I don’t really know what they are and that I had them for a long time. My answer was pretty fast and it seemed like it was true but the truth is that her question made me anxious, because I was telling a lie. I knew what they were but I didn’t have the guts to go to my doctor (which is a female) and put my penis in her hand. It’s just…strange. I can’t really describe the feeling.

Another thing that I want to share is this: I think if I wouldn’t have asked her…she wouldn’t tell me that she was bothered by the little white/pink bumps on my penis head.

That was the last straw… and after that night I started an intensive search for treatments for what I had on my penis. My research and all the treatments that I stumbled across and even used (some of them) are all detailed on this website.

PS. I am thinking of creating a community where we all share our experiences. If you are interested in joining it please leave a comment below. I am not interested in making money and that’s why the price will be around $10 to cover the costs for designing, hosting and other stuff. Let me know your opinion…

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