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Pearly Penile Papules – Helpful Facts and Information!

pppfaqPearly penile papules are surprisingly common amongst the adult male population yet, perhaps due to their slightly embarrassing nature, many people do not know very much about them. As such, many myths and misconceptions surrounding this condition have arisen which need to be dispelled. To help give you the information you need to know on this matter we have helpfully put together the key facts and information about this common anatomical variation seen on the male penis as well as answering some frequently asked questions and letting you know what treatments and solutions are available.

1. Can Women Get Them From Guys?

The answer to this common question is “no”. PPP is not a virus or an infection that can passed from one person to another through sexual activity. Due to the fact that many viruses and infections passed through sexual contact have lumps, warts, outward signs, etc; it is understandable why some may have this worry. However, when you understand that they have absolutely nothing to do with a virus and are instead merely a common thing found in about 25% of males, then you realize there is nothing to be worried about.

2. How Do I Explain Penile Papules To A Woman?

First of all, if she asks, make sure you are upfront about them. Let her know there is nothing to worry about in having them. If she still isn’t sure then show her a medical site which explains that they are merely an aesthetic difference. Considering roughly a quarter of men have PPP it is likely she may have seen them before and be easily reassured.

3. Can Fordyce’s Spots And Pearly Penile Papules Spread On The Penis?

First, just to be clear again: both conditions are completely harmless. That being said, both can spread although in the case of pearly penile papules they nearly always stay directly under the penis glans.

4. Can You Still Have Sex?

Absolutely! There is not a single reason why pearly penile papules should stop you having sex.

5. How Does Sex Feel With These?

Sex still feels absolutely amazing whether you have pearly penile papules or not. The only slight change you may notice is a slightly unpleasant sensation which you will usually be too caught up in the moment to feel.

6. I Have This Condition And It Bothers, What Should I Do?

Even though it is harmless it is perfectly understandable why someone would seek to get rid of this condition. The good news is there is an thoroughly tested and highly effective home remedy which works very well.

7. What’s The Medical Term For Pearly Penile Papules?

The exact medical term for this condition is hirsuties coronae glandis.

8. Is There A Way To Permanently Remove Penile Papules?

The answer to this is “yes”. Surgery by a dermatologist can be performed and the procedure can be completed in a single session. Alternatively, electrosurgery can be used. An increasingly popular method for removing PPP is by using a home remedy. This has several advantages in that it is cheaper, can be done completely privately without anyone Else’s involvement and corrects the mechanism causing the pearly penile papules to appear rather than merely removing them once they are there.

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Pearly Penile Papules Removal

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